Oh Couple Sex toys, with the world that we live in, you think that we would have a few sex toys that are really geared towards couples of all genders and sexualities. When you go into sex shops or look online under the “couples” section all that is really there are cock rings, double-ended dildos, and handcuffs. I found it really hard to find something that would be pleasurable for both my boyfriend and myself. This mash of a post will include some “couples” toys that I want to try out!

What Couple Sex Toys Are Out There Now?

I’ve scoured the internet high and low in search of the perfect straight couples sex toy. A lot of the toys that I found were ones that you can use on one another but often not at the same time. I’ve really broken down the couple sex toys into three categories:

Vibrating Cock Rings

In case anyone wondered, I gathered all my sex toys and sorted through what we had and what we needed!

Cock rings are a sex toy that I have no experience with… yet! A lot of cock rings now vibrate, and I’m all about it. While I don’t fully understand the pleasure that a cock ring brings to anyone with a penis (because I don’t have one) I can try to relate to it. My boyfriend enjoys the vibrations from his cock ring, even more so when he turns the tip around and puts it against his balls. I think a vibrating cock ring is a great combination of a vibrator and a cock ring. I am excited to try these toys in a variety of positions to determine which is best. Any recommendations?

Controllable Toys

I love the idea of a toy that your partner can control. Being in a relationship where there is some distance between us, being able to have my partner control my toys from another location is a great way for us to both play with each other. While this is more popular to do with a vibrator, there is a vibrating cock ring made from We-Vibe called Verge. They also have another toy that I am interested in trying called Rave. Using toys like this would be great and makes them extremely versatile. While most of the time my partner and I are talking through a messenger or video, having the app to use wouldn’t get in the way of that. Have you tried these toys or any controllable toy? Let me know!


We all know that handcuffs are probably the most popular or well-known couple’s sex accessories. To me, they don’t fall under toys but more accessories, that is just my opinion though. Any accessories could be used on your own or with a partner. While I have owned 2 separate sets of handcuffs, I have yet to use any with a partner. I have never been with anyone I have felt comfortable enough to fully trust with something like that, but I am currently in a place where this will totally happen. While on my search I also came across penis extensions. I am graced with a boyfriend with a great sized penis, so while I don’t plan on trying these anytime soon, I think they could be a fun accessory for role play!

What Kind of Couple Sex Toys Should There Be?

The reason why there isn’t much out there, probably because I don’t even know what they could make! I can’t think of a toy that would be both pleasurable for the two of us. While I love the idea of a cock ring with a vibrating tip for my clit, I want a bit of variety! So often I find that the sex toys for couples are really only to please one person at a time, but what about at the same time. 

So for all you sex enthusiasts or sex toy users out there, what type of toys do you use with your partner? I am so curious about using these toys in the bedroom and want to experience as much as I possibly can. Leave any and all recommendations in the comments.

Moral of The Story: Couple sex toys… where you at?!