I am all over docuseries on Netflix! As soon as I see them pop up on the recommended group I click on them. My boyfriend can attest to this, considering we watched 3 docuseries in a span of 3 weeks. When Netflix released its newest series Sex Explained, I looked at him and knew I needed to watch it. 

What Is Sex Explained?

It is a 5 episode limited series, each episode varying from 17-25 minutes in length (the perfect length if you ask me!) Each episode of Sex Explained is a different topic, ranging from sexual fantasies, attraction, birth control, fertility, and childbirth. The episodes talk to varying individuals and researchers/doctors about these topics, providing the viewer with facts about what we find attractive, how many couples suffer from infertility, the amazing ways science has brought new life, and how relationships can be affected by all these topics. I found their research very basic for an average viewer, but also interesting enough for someone who is deep into these topics. The information is presented in a very educational and entertaining way.

My First Thoughts

Being a CIS white female, I am likely who this show was targeted towards. I found that the first episodes that talked about fantasies, attraction, and birth control were the ones that interested me the most. These are all topics that I am always wanting to learn more about from a variety of formats. The data that they polled in the fantasies episode was really interesting. It turns out the topics that everyone thinks are taboo, really aren’t taboo. It is something that the majority of individuals are attracted to or fantasize about. The birth control episode was also a hit. It is something that I have been on for over a decade now, and I have mixed feelings about it. Though I love being in control of my ability to have children, I wish there was a more natural way for this to occur. 

The last two episodes covered some topics that I am really torn on in my own life, fertility, and childbirth. The science behind fertility now is amazing! I was shocked by the new methods of fertility and the options available to people today. It really is amazing. They also touch on the idea of freezing your eggs, men being sterile, and the overall fact of being infertile affects your relationship. Since I turned 20 I have been terrified that I would be unable to have children, I don’t know why it ever bothered me as much as it did because I don’t even know if I want children!

The Nightmares

I haven’t talked about the last episode of Sex Explained… and mostly because I don’t even know how to write down my feelings about this. As someone who is unsure about anything children related, it was a lot for me! Growing up I was pretty anti-child, I never babysat, I was scared to hold babies, and I just hated how sticky they got. Being in my mid 20’s I am more open to the idea of children, something I have always gone back and forth about. I’ve been told horror stories about the pain that women have gone through, and I thought that this series would sugarcoat the process of childbirth, it does the exact opposite! It gives you the cold hard truth! They talked to a few women about their birth experience, their plan, what they wanted, what actually happened, the different methods of delivery. 

A Males Perspective?

My boyfriend was pretty hung up on the part where someone mentioned loving to put things up the butts of CIS straight men. The first few episodes turned him on, and me too! We took a break after the first two episodes to have sex, so keep that in mind if you are easily turned on. Overall, he agreed that the content touched upon was fairly basic since the episodes were fairly short they didn’t go into too much in detail.  The episode on attraction was interesting in terms of physical attraction is heavily influenced by culture. He wasn’t too shocked by the episode on birth control, the fact that the main forms of contraception are only for women, outside of condoms and surgeries. He was worried that the fertility and childbirth episodes would result in a baby crazed girlfriend, but luckily for him, it had the opposite effect!

Would I Suggest Sex Explained?

100%! The more people who learn about these topics the better. I think they are all really informative and targeted towards a large audience. While some of these topics might not be great for children, it is great for teens and all adults. I did watch the whole series with my boyfriend, and he thought it was pretty interesting as well. I thought it might be something that would scare him a bit, but he was totally into it. It opened up conversations about children, contraception, and overall sexual wants that we hadn’t previously talked about.

Moral Of The Story: Sex is awesome, watching documentaries about sex is even better, but childbirth looks terrifying!