Rekindled Love

You know how you meet people, they are super great but things don’t work out. Years later you find yourself thinking about them, wondering what they got up to, and wishing you would have kept in contact. I’m typically pretty cut throat with my love sharing as I’ve gotten older, if it didn’t work out I’m going to move on. So what changed? I’m not really sure. 

This time 4 years ago I met this really cute guy on Tinder (woo online dating). We bonded over the fact that we literally lived down the road from each other, it was extremely convenient. We talked for a few days before we decided to go for a walk together. It was Christmas time in Ontario so it was cold, rainy, and dark at 5 pm. We were walking through the park, I can’t feel my face, and I realized that if I wanted to kiss this boy that I would have to make a move. I was so nervous but I did it. The weeks following that we would hang out, have sex, and I would drag him around with me. 

We had a falling out after a month, we both realized we just weren’t on the right page at the time. It was hard because we honestly just had so much fun together. Since then we haven’t really talked, when I moved to BC I deleted a lot of people off Facebook, including him. Every time I was visiting home I would drive past his house and would be flooded with the memories we made together. I had no way of contacting him and I knew that I shouldn’t. 

When I moved back I had to drive past his house all the time again, and let me tell you, it was BRUTAL! I was always reminded of him when all I wanted to do was forget him. I thought about finding him on Facebook but I didn’t want to be that person, 4 years had passed at this point and I just didn’t think it was worthwhile. I was a bit mean when we stopped talking so I honestly didn’t think it would go well. I eventually got over myself and continued on with my daily life.

6 months later I am driving home from work, drive past his house and realize his truck is in front of his house. I nearly lose my damn mind! I couldn’t bring myself to contact him, it has been so long! Things go back to normal again until a month ago.

I noticed that a random account followed me on instagram. I thought it was a spam account so I didn’t think anything of it. A week later I click on the profile and I realize it’s him. How did he find me?! What do I say? Should I message him? Was it an accident? So many things went through my mind. I decided that I wouldn’t say anything, if he wanted to talk to me he would have messaged me when he added me. The next few days I posted a photo of Baby Yoda (Because who didn’t?) and I received a message from him. 3 weeks later and we haven’t stopped talking. He came home this week and we have spent every night together. 

Things are new, old, but it just feels right. It is like we brought all the good things from 4 years ago, and talked about the crappy things from before. I have honestly loved every moment we have spent together, it is so refreshing to be around someone who makes me laugh, questions my life choices, challenges me in every way possible, but also adores me. I am so happy to have him stumble back into my life, even if it was over the cuteness of Baby Yoda and chickie tendies. 

Moral of The Story: Always message them, you will never know if they have missed you if you don’t try!

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