I’m sure we have all had one bad partner in their life, if not more. I used to have terrible taste in men, luckily as I have gotten older that’s changed. This little story is all about a guy I dated in high school, things started off great, then they got less great, and then shit hit the fan over and over again.

I don’t know about you but high school was an interesting time for me, I had a close-knit group of friends. We did everything together for years. It was like the golden unsaid rule that we never date in our friend group. I was the introvert of the group (shocker) and typically didn’t date guys that I went to school with. J was the exception, and things didn’t go smoothly from the beginning. 

It all began with a house party, It was the end of the summer and my friend’s brother had a party so she invited us all. There was drinking, dancing, beer pong, and the lake. Everything went smoothly until 3am, the five of us crammed into my friend’s queen-sized bed and I was between J and a girlfriend. Our other guy friends had passed out on the couches downstairs but J insisted that he lay in the bed with us girls. This isn’t anything that we were shocked by because J lived to protect us girls. 

A little bit about J, he is a complete flirt with EVERYONE. He had been flirting with me for months, but he also flirted with all the other girls so we never thought anything of it. That night lying next to him, he turned around to face me. I remember it clearly when he started rubbing his nose against mine, then was playing with my hair and eventually we started kissing. After making out for a bit he grabbed my hand and pulled me up and out of the bed with him.

Fun Fact: My friend’s parents were teachers at our high school, they were gone for the weekend. Mr. P didn’t like me because I was quiet and always gave me crap about not volunteering or speaking out in class.

I was confused as to where we were going until he led me to the loft where there was a bed. I was nervous and kept thinking that I shouldn’t be doing this because it will make my friends upset but I also just really wanted him (a few drinks will do that to me). We laid on the bed continuing to make out and we slowly undressed each other and had sex, it was mediocre and honestly pretty sloppy since we both had a few drinks. We cuddled each other laughing and I started drifting in and out of sleep when he got up to go to the washroom.

The next thing I know my friend is waking me up and I am still in the loft bed but J is nowhere to be found. My friend starts laughing when she asks me, “Do you have any idea who’s bed you just slept in!” I didn’t clue in until I looked around and saw a photo of my friend’s parents on the bedside table… My high school teachers.


No one really questioned anything at first. We all headed home shortly after waking up and I immediately text J asking why he bailed after sex. I felt kind of ashamed of what I had done and waking up alone didn’t help the situation. It took 2 days before I heard back from him where we then explained to me that he didn’t want to cause any drama that morning and that he wanted to keep things a secret for now.

My friends had no idea what had happened the night before until maybe a month later. They kept asking why I was in the other room and not in bed with them. When J and I started dating my friends started to piece things together and let me tell you, they weren’t pleased. 

Now, this is just the beginning of a fun, weird and then terrible relationship. I am excited but also nervous to share these stories with you all because they don’t always paint me in a good light but I don’t want to be embarrassed by what happened in my past. Plus I’m sure it will be therapeutic for me to get it all out and also great entertainment for you all! 

Moral Of The Story: Sometimes the best way to get back at the teacher you don’t like is to have sex in their bed.

Stay tuned for more stories about J.