Are you no longer at the appropriate age to go trick or treating with your friends? It’s been YEARS for me. Every year I think I’m going to have an awesome Halloween themed party, but it ends up just being me, in some weird spooky makeup, handing out candy to kids, or distracting my dog from eating the small children. This year I’ve come up with a list of fun Halloween night ideas with your boo.

Scary Movie Night

Who else loves horror movies?! I’ve been watching them since I was a kid, my parents would be terrified to come downstairs if I was watching them. There are few horror movies that I haven’t seen. To me, the perfect Halloween night would be your favourite candy, popcorn, some cookies, and Netflix. Netflix has some great horror movies, I would recommend any of the following! 

  • IT
  • Cult of Chucky
  • The Babysitter
  • The Purge (any of them!)
  • Scream (all of them!)
  • Paranormal Activity (my personal fav.)
  • Winchester (based on a true story!)
  • Haunting of Hill House (If you want a spooky show to binge)
  • The Open House 

(Message me on Twitter for more recommendations, there are honestly so many!)

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Paint Night

Maybe this is only appealing to me because I’m creative but, how fun would it be to paint with glow in the dark paints! You and your partner could paint on canvas or even each other. Get a black light or two (buy the bulbs here) and just have at it. Not only do you get to spend time with your partner, but you can also explore each other’s bodies together, in a new and different way. Your painting doesn’t need to be Halloween related, it could literally be anything. If you and your partner do this let me know! I would love to see your creations. 

Role Play

Halloween, the holiday where everyone dresses up pretending to be someone they aren’t. What better excuse to go out and buy a sexy costume to surprise your partner with? If this isn’t exactly in your comfort zone don’t be nervous, you can always mention it to your partner that this is something you want to try. You can pick a date and time that is best for you both and then try it out! You could even get a hotel room for the night and meet each other there as someone else. Let your imagination go wild with this one. 

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Go To An Event

Even the smallest of towns have some type of Halloween event going on. Growing up in a small rural town we always went to haunted hayrides, corn mazes, and haunted houses for Halloween. Get a few friends together and go have some fun getting terrified! One year I went to a corn maze with my partner and we spent 2 hours in there before finding a map and following it out, bring snacks or water if you can! I got hangry and I was tired so it ended up being crappy at the time lol don’t make the same mistakes I did. If you’re in the Toronto area I would HIGHLY recommend the Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland. It is a great time and an even better way to end the season. Google events near you, I’m sure there are tons of things you and your friends can get up to.

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Carve Pumpkins

Are you stuck working the night of Halloween? This year it’s on a Thursday so it’s not ideal! Get together with your partner or friends the weekend before and carve pumpkins together! You can typically get some at the grocery store or even visit a farm and pick some out yourself! Carving the pumpkins can be fun, check Pinterest for some fun ideas. After you’ve had some fun carving faces into the pumpkins you can even sort the seeds and make some different types of roasted pumpkin seeds. 

Tip: Cut away from yourself! I don’t want any injuries reported!

Moral of The Story: Halloween is a bizarre holiday, make it what you will. There is no good or bad thing to do so long as your having fun.