It’s finally October! That means a month of costumes, role-playing, and spooky movies (This is the month that I thrive in). Who doesn’t love a fun Halloween costume party? I personally get so excited about the idea of having a cute/sexy Halloween costume. I spend all month working on it and usually end up watching horror movies in my pajamas. If you are a social butterfly and are heading out to a Halloween Party, here are a few tips to have a quicky, because that’s the only reason why I would go to one!

**Disclaimer, these points are only for 2+ people who fully consent, it is important to ensure the person you are with is consenting to these acts. If anyone seems too intoxicated or unable to make a conscious decision don’t partake in these activities. Find a way to help them to a friend who can take them home.

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Pick Your Costume Accordingly

This is kind of a given for any quicky. Finding a costume where you don’t need to wear pants is a huge plus, anything with a dress, skirt, or even leotard is ideal! This will make it easy to just hike up when things get steamy and re-adjust when the deed is done. Picking a revealing costume can be a fun tease to your partner and make you feel super confident as well! Keep in mind that you being comfortable and confident is key.

Set The Mood

Most Halloween parties are later in the day. If you are meeting your special someone there be sure to spice things up by sending a few sexts or photos beforehand. I love getting them riled up before it’s even started! Another way to do this would be to whisper naughty things to your partner during the party, or texting them if they have their phone on them. I love seeing the look on their face when they realize what you are thinking, or how they can’t take the teasing and make sure it happens ASAP. I love a horny partner!

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Get Handsy

I am a sucker for slight touches, even just a quick butt grab, or brush against the small of my back, all things that get me in the mood. I would encourage a few simple touches to your partner that will give them a clue of what your thinking. It is a fun way to keep you both on your toes and also see if they are in the mood. These advances might be different for everyone but honestly, just touch my butt, please! 

Location Location Location

Remember you are at a Halloween party, it isn’t always appropriate to get it on in the middle of the party (unless it’s that kind of party!). I would find a spot where you won’t be interrupted or make others feel uncomfortable. Bathrooms can always be a good spot due to most having a lockable door. Keep in mind that some places might only have one washroom so don’t make people wait!

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If you are out in public it might be a great option to sneak out into your car. Make sure to clean up any mess you leave behind! Don’t be a rude guest.  

Moral Of The Story: Dress sexy, have fun, and get some!