My Diva Cup Experience

We’re back on the topic of periods, oh joy! Over the years I have used many different brands and products for my period. I have never really loved any (not that anyone ever does). I was always annoyed and frustrated by the fact that I got my period. When I started on birth control I found out that there are ways to skip your period. I would do whatever I could to get rid of it. Now that I am 26 I have learned to accept the fact that I will continue to have my period for MANY years. One big turning point for me in my acceptance of this reality would be the Diva Cup.

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My Journey

I used pads and tampons when my journey with my period began. I never really enjoyed pads, the thought of sitting on your blood all day seemed gross to me. I quickly graduated to tampons because it was something you would change every few hours and it was easy. In university, I hated the idea of the amount of waste that I was producing just in menstrual products alone. I wanted something that was easy like tampons but also better for the environment. I had heard about the Diva Cup for a little bit, but about 2.5 years ago I decided to purchase one for myself.

Buying Experience

I went into a pharmacy to get the Diva Cup, I was initially shocked by how much it was. BUT if you take the amount of money I spent on tampons over the years the Diva cup really is a great investment. For me, I was more worried that I wouldn’t like it and would end up using tampons still, and it’s not like you can return it! Now, it’s important to note that there are a few different sizes and brands. I currently own the Model 1 Diva Cup. Here is a link to their site where you can determine which sizing is best for you! If I were to recommend anything, just buy it online! It saves you the hassle of going out and you can possibly find better deals. This also allows you to do research and comparison on the different brands.

First Use

Ouch.. would be the one-word answer that I would use to describe that experience. The instructions tell you to fold the cup in half to insert it, well if you don’t have a firm grip on it then it will likely snap against your vagina and that isn’t a great feeling. HOLD ON TIGHT! After a few attempts, I finally figured it out. I found that squatting was the best method for me, I can insert it now in just about any position but in the beginning, this was easiest. It was an odd feeling at first, I felt like I just needed to adjust it or push it in more. Even in the beginning when I had no idea what I was doing, I never experienced any leaks. Success!

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I used the cup all week when I was at work because it was convenient to not have to worry about changing my tampon throughout the day. During the night and on the weekends I found myself switching back to tampons, they were more comfortable for me and it was just quicker in the beginning.

2 Years Later

Things have changed since my first use. I took a break from my Diva Cup the month after but was determined to keep trying. Insertion and removal got easier and easier with each time that I used it. Now I don’t use anything else unless I am out and don’t have my cup with me when I get my period. I still use pantie liners on the last day of my period because I just don’t need the cup. The Diva Cup just makes my period week a lot easier, I empty it twice a day and I just forget about it for the rest of the time, I forget I even have it in. This just gives me more freedom to do what I want to do and only focus on how my body is struggling during this week. 

I have had a few times over the years where I have had leaks. I think this is partially due to the fact that am sometimes in a rush and I don’t insert it correctly or I’m having a really heavy week which isn’t normal for me. Usually, it isn’t enough to make it a hassle, I just use a panty liner and I’m off to the races.


Since using the Diva Cup I have learned what you should and shouldn’t do to clean your cup. Between uses, I just rinse it with warm water really well. I don’t see the need to clean it with soap every time, It also just isn’t convenient for me (just my opinion though). DO NOT wash your diva cup with scented soap.. it just smells weird. Take my word on this one, don’t do it. I found that boiling it in water is the best way to get it clean. I do this at the end of my menstrual week before storing it in the cotton bag it comes in. I haven’t found a soap that I like to use with my cup but I’m sure there are some good ones out there. I have heard great things of the DivaWash but again, I just boil mine. Use a toothpick to clean out the 4 tiny holes near the rim, it works best. Your cup will get discoloured over time but don’t worry about it, they all do. It still works totally fine so don’t think you need a new one. 

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My biggest tip would be to empty the cup in the shower the first few times, it’s just a bit messy and this will allow you to make a bloody murder scene without the clean up! Just rinse that mess down. I also usually let mine hang to dry after I’m cleaning it too if I have time.

Would I Recommend It?

100%!! The Diva Cup has really changed my thoughts about my period. I used to hate having it, and though I am still not thrilled about it, the Diva Cup just makes the whole thing a little bit easier. It is worth the investment for sure, and you’re reducing the amount of waste you’re making. Plus, you don’t have to carry around tampons or hide pads in your sleeve when going to the bathroom! Don’t let your first try with them get you down, trust me when I say that they get easier to use. Don’t give up!

Moral Of The Story: Periods suck… Diva Cups make them suck a little bit less.

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