The good ol’ V-Day.. A completely overrated holiday if you ask me, there is so much stress that is only put on by companies. It’s truly a Hallmark Holiday. Yet, here I am, year after year, trying to make the most of it. One particular year really stands out to me in terms of shitty Valentine’s Days.

Why can’t someone just buy me chocolates and flowers?!

It was the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. I had just started seeing someone and things were new and exciting. We hadn’t discussed any Valentine’s Day plans but I took it upon myself to set them up (it’s the 21st century, the woman can make the move sometimes too!). We had agreed to spend the evening together with the old faithful, Netflix and Chill.

I thought, what better way to spice things up than with some extracurricular activities. He had been mentioning for a while now about how he drools over black lacy corsets. Being the eager beaver I am, I went out of my way to find something he would like. Why not spend Valentine’s Day making his dreams come true? Lingerie was never my forte but hell I’m down to try anything!


The day finally comes, I am nervous as can be and then it hits me.. good ol’ Mother Nature, the big P, my Period. I freak out for half the morning because now all my plans are ruined and I told him I would make it special!

After a few minutes of Googling solutions I remembered that I got these Period Cups, they allow you to have sex on your period, it collects the blood in a shell type thing, just look at the link. Perfect, I’ll use one of those and everything will go on without a hitch. Now we were supposed to meet up after work, I message him when I’m finished and wait 3 hours until he finally gets back to me (first red flag). At that point I thought he was bailing, because who waits 3 hours to get back to someone when you have plans?! I eventually got all ready, threw a hoodie over my sexy new attire because I can’t drive around like that!

Please officer, I have a booty call to get to!

When I got to his house nothing was out of the norm, no flowers, chocolates, etc. He answers the door and immediately walks away, no recognition or even real hello. Oh well, I said it would be a normal night, no biggie, clearly he is in a piss poor mood but I can change that. Since I had told him that I had gone to the sex shop he just blatantly asked me what I got, not even bothering to look at me. Annoyed I opened the bag and handed him the butt plug, anal beads and hand cuffs. His reaction was… “cool”. (Insert my annoyed face here!) Well, so much for the sexy romance, this is not going as planned. I sit on the couch and we start watching a movie, I don’t mention anything because things just seem kind of off. Great, now i’m stuck in a corset when we’re actually just watching movies. He randomly gets up and has a shower, no invite, nothing. I’m sitting there awkwardly twiddling my thumbs for 30 minutes honestly debating on getting up and leaving (I really should have). A few hours later and we eventually lay in bed together, just talking when I tell him I have a surprise (Better late then never).

I was EXTREMELY nervous, and asked him to guess what it was. He wasn’t having it, a little disappointed I just told him and he didn’t really react. He suddenly got up, told me to take my hoodie off so he could see and then left the room.

Excuse me Sir, Where the fuck are you going?!

So there I am, standing in this corset, waiting for him to come back into the room and when he finally does his reaction is …

Oh, looks great. I’m probably going to head to bed though”.  

Guess that is my cue to leave..

(In my head)… WHHHAAAATTT!? Talk about a blow to the ego.

Embarrassed and ashamed I put my sweater back on and left. It was a pretty crappy night, I cried the whole drive home (not safe, don’t recommend). I vented to friends about what had just happened because I was baffled! From that moment on I realized that I am deserving of someone who lavishes me, and will appreciate my effort when I try to make things special. Not someone who doesn’t acknowledge me or care about what I had tried to do for them.

I spent days after that event annoyed with him, I felt completely humiliated and like an idiot. Our time together thus far had been pretty rocky, eventually he told me that he got a message from his ex and that was why he was in such a bad mood. To be real with you guys… I get the whole being hung up on your ex, but if you are, DON’T SEE OTHER PEOPLE! It’s super disrespectful to the other person and really not fair to them. Don’t waste someones time. He also said it was because he knew I was on my period and things would have been different if I wasn’t… sure guy, if you don’t want me at my worst (period blood and all) then you sure as hell don’t get me at my best (all sexed up and ready to go).

Since some may ask, no I am no longer seeing this person. I could never really get over that whole situation, maybe I am holding a grudge but I just felt disrespected and really not in the mood to deal with any bullshit. And Yes, I do still hate valentines day, a little bit more than before. And yes, it was a dick move and I told him as much.

Moral of the story: Valentine’s Day sucks 90% of the time, don’t put in more effort than you are receiving, make sure your man/woman friend appreciates you and buy yourself your own damn chocolate!