Nude photos are often something that you do on your own, you snap a quick photo in the mirror to send to your partner, or you’re just really feeling yourself and you want to remember this for later. Not often have I heard people talk about taking nude photos with their partner, or maybe it’s just the people I know. I never experienced this in any previous relationships until recently. Being the budding sex blogger that I am, photography has become a huge part of my blog. I have always loved photography but often with subject matters that aren’t myself. Merge my photographer partner with an obsession over my butt, and a new sex blog, you get a lot of situations where we are taking nude photos together OFTEN.

It started years ago when we were first starting to see each other. A few photos were snapped and then stored on a hard drive that no one wants to look for (cringy moments for sure). Fast forward 6 years later and he will reach for his phone mid sex and tell me to stay still until he captures the moment perfectly. It used to make me self conscious about how I looked at that very moment, I didn’t like looking back at them and I was embarrassed with how I might be portrayed. I always felt like society wouldn’t agree with what I was doing, that I would be seen as a slut or whore (probably would but who cares!). I was always told that sexting and nude photos were frowned upon and could be illegal. Now that I am older I have realized what is acceptable and what isn’t, and that there are clearly better ways to educate our young ones. Anyways, With copious showers of compliments and a boatload of self-love, I have really started to enjoy seeing these photos and seeing myself in ways I never did before. 

Now, this activity might not be for everyone, but I found that taking nude photos with your partner really allows you to see yourself the way that they see you. For example, we will be laying in bed cuddling, the sun is shining in and we are both still just waking up. P sits up and reaches for his phone to turn the alarm off and when crawling into bed and tells me where to move my legs and to stay there. In my sleepy mood I do as he says and I hear the camera clicking. A minute or two later he is crawling next to me and holds me tight as he shows me the photos he took. 

In my head I am thinking, “Great, I just woke up, my hair is a mess and I forgot to shave my legs this week.” But when I am shown the photos of my butt (a few of itself, some with his hand grabbing it and claiming it for himself) I forget about my messy hair and all that stuff. In that moment it is just us, I can see myself as he sees me and I love myself and him just a little bit more. Plus, It is great knowing that he will use these photos for when we aren’t together, and that he wants to remember that moment. Seeing these photos reminds me that he views me in a way that I have never viewed myself. It is like when you look at your partner in complete awe because they make you feel like nothing else matters and you could just sit there and admire them and their body for hours on end. Also, no one ever sees their butt when it just woke up and is waiting to be spooned. 

A few weeks ago I wrote a post all about how taking nude photos taught me to love myself. I would really recommend doing that to start if you aren’t comfortable with this yet. I would only ever recommend doing this with someone who you fully trust! In high school there was a group of photos going around that the boys at school had gathered from their girlfriend or other girls around the school. It was passed everywhere and anyone could see them. It turned into a whole news story about how these nude photos were being distributed through out the community. Again, do not take these types of photos without consent of the individual and unless you trust this person to not share them with others (unless you want them to). ALWAYS get consent!

I would encourage anyone and everyone to just try to take some photos with your partner, they can be of them alone, you both together in the middle of sex, or anything you could think of. Don’t be afraid to bring something new into your sex life, it can be thrilling and also fun to look back on, or cringy lol but that is the best part!

Moral of the story: Whip out that camera and snap a few photos, they are worth a thousand words!