Kissing in the rain… Something that is overly romanticized in the movie industry. We’ve all seen the classic Notebook or Spider-Man rain kissing scene, everyone swoons and falls in love. But what makes this gesture so romantic? As I sit here watching the rain pour down outside I wonder why every hopeless romantic wishes for water falling from the sky, being soaking wet, and most likely cold, during a good make-out session. As someone who loves romance but isn’t the greatest at it, I needed to know these answers! 

Now don’t get me wrong, I love rain. Nothing screams springtime in Ontario like a good rain storm, my rain jacket, and rubber boots. It never crossed my mind to just be soaked and cold making out with someone (not that it hasn’t happened on accident). I never looked outside, saw that it was raining and thought to myself, “Wow, I need to be out there kissing RIGHT NOW.“On my search for answers I found some from my friends and even Quora. The responses I got were, it’s more spontaneous, most insecurities melt away, and it’s like shower sex (well.. Count me in!)

The spontaneity of the rain kissing is what I think most appeals to me. I am a realist more then I care to admit but being in the moment with someone, feeling the urge to just be close to them even if it means you will get wet (possibly in more then one way) is very powerful.  This seems to resonate with me more as it seems like people don’t go out purposely to kiss in the rain, but it’s just what is happening at the time and they don’t care what is around them, just want to be close.

At that moment in time you forget about the world around you, it washes away all the insecurities that you feel and allows you to just be present. In a crazy world like today it isn’t often that we get to experience these moments and so if you find yourself in one of those moments fully embrace them, rain or not! The shower sex comment gave me a good chuckle, It’s probably one of my favourite activities. The warmth that you get when you enter the shower and being enclosed in a small space, fighting over the shower head, is what really appeals to me! You feel the water run over your naked body and in that short time you are in your purest state, exposed and vulnerable. 

I personally haven’t had a full blown make out in the rain but once I do I will be sure to report back with my findings!

Now, if you are the Scrooge of the rainy weather I urge you to find other ways to embrace your partner and live in the moment with them. You can have these moments anytime, anywhere. When all of these moments come together, and you add in a good snogging, what could be better?! Sex in the rain, now that is a topic for another day. 

Moral of the Story: Kissing in the rain is like gagging during a blowjob, “I want you to cum more then I want to breath”.