Who else grew up imagining that by 25 they would have their own place, their own awesome family and a great paying job that you loved. Well, reality check, that doesn’t always happen and it’s OKAY! In today’s society, things are different, you can barely afford to rent a place, let alone own a house (maybe it’s just me). That being said, I still live at home and so does my partner. We make enough money where we could rent together BUT we would rather save money for a downpayment for a house. That now leaves us with the situation of… Having sex when you live at home.

We have had two major experiences where living with our parents was a real downfall. The first happened the very first night we slept together (yay!). Having sex with someone for the first time is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience on it’s own. Add in the fact that his mom came walking downstairs early the next morning to get the turkey from the freezer was super embarrassing! His bedroom was right at the bottom of the stairs, door wide open, and we both were still naked and asleep when I heard her walking downstairs and IMMEDIATELY shot under the blankets to hide. I was 19 at the time and we had only just met the night before so I really didn’t need to meet his mom for the first time naked in his bed. P laughs about it to this day as he remembers talking with his mom as I am under the blankets pretending not to exist. (Luckily she still doesn’t know!)

Fast forward 6 years and we had our second encounter. P and I were laying in bed after having great make-up sex. My dad was out for the night so all was good. Now I told P that my dad was out but he took that as “he isn’t coming home at all tonight”. Jump to a few hours later and that is when things get interesting.

Side note: Does anyone else feel weird about having sex while their parents are home? Have you had any bad experiences?

We had all the lights off in the basement, then I hear my dog start barking and the front door opens. Guess who is home! Luckily I had put my pyjama shorts and hoodie close by so I threw them on and walked out to see my dad leaving P to fend for himself. I felt like P had a minor heart attack as he jumped out of bed and tried to hide in my closet in the dark so my dad wouldn’t see him naked (Good times!). There was also another time recently, we were laying naked in bed after swimming and my dad came home again, luckily this time I was fully clothed and P was yet again naked and left fending for himself.

We both really need to learn how to close the bedroom doors!

We are really lucky that our parents have not walked in during the act, my dad and I have a great relationship but there are just some things we don’t need to have happen. I also don’t think I could ever face P’s mom if she saw me naked!

Now, what should you do if you are having sex when your parents are home? That is a very difficult answer as all situations are unique. For P and I, we don’t have any other siblings who live at home and we both have the basements to ourselves. This gives us a lot of space and freedom when we have sleepovers. Obviously, not everyone has this type of situation so here are a few things everyone should consider:

Be Respectful

Your parents don’t want to hear you have sex just as much as you don’t want to hear them! This also applies to any roommate situations as well. Be respectful of the noise you are making, who is around, and where you are having sex. This ensures that things won’t be awkward the next morning and that the people around you might like your partner more for respecting them. In university, I lived with 4 other women. The number of times we had to listen to our one roommate have sex with her boyfriend was insane. Now I am all down for a great fuck but I don’t want to listen to it at 2 am during finals!

Find a Time When You Are Alone

It can be nerve-wracking for some to have sex when your parents or friends are in the room beside you and you are trying to have sex. I would try and find a time where you can be alone and comfortable. Being alone allows you to not worry so much about noise and really just have some privacy. When P and I are having sex and my dad is home, we have to hold onto my headboard so it doesn’t bang against the wall. Now when we are alone we don’t have to worry about the headboard and we can focus more on each other. I find that things are just more focused on us when we are alone, rather then worrying about our surroundings.

Mix Things Up

Sex can be a lot of different things! You might not be comfortable having intercourse when someone is home but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fool around in other ways! You can always sneak under the blankets and have exciting make out session, oral sex, the list goes on! Get creative, it might end up being more fun than intercourse! Don’t let the fact that you live at home effect your intimate relationships.

Moral of the story: You don’t need to own a house to have sex!