Periods, I know in grammar the rule is that they usually come at the end but I’ve decided to be unorthodox and break all the rules, for the sake of the blog, and put it first. I know my previous awkward sex story had to do with the bodily fluids of a woman (Check it out HERE), but this one involved some fluids that are a bit more graphic, so hang on tight and let’s talk about… PERIOD SEX. This is something that has never really been talked about (or at least with me) until recently. My whole life, as a woman, I grew up feeling embarrassed and ashamed of my period but there is NOTHING to be ashamed of.

@nievesitarica / Via

@nievesitarica / Via

The scenario all started when my friend was 15. He had recently lost his virginity and was interested in a girl who was a little younger than him. At this time we were all sneaking into peoples houses to fool around and that is what happened this night. The girl who came over was a virgin, but they were really into each other, or at least that’s what came later. After he snuck her in they started making out on the couch, one thing led to another and she got on top of him to straddle him. They continued making out in the dark basement when he felt something dripping down his leg… Now, he wasn’t very experienced but something didn’t seem right but he didn’t know what it could be.

“Probably not this, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed”

You know that sound of rushing water.. well, that’s what he heard. Initially he thought he must be great at sex and she was super wet. He realized that probably wasn’t right, got up and turned the lights on, and found himself  in the middle of a murder scene.

His lady friend had gotten her period in the middle of them having sex. There was blood all over him, the couch, their carpet, and clothes. Now I don’t know about the other girls out there but this would be my WORST nightmare. She started crying (obviously!) and he had to console her while they cleaned up, and before his parents woke up and came downstairs. He then walked her home and made sure she was safe.

I wish I could say that this story ended well, they continued on their sexual endeavours and are now married with children, but that is not the case.

The story gets worse.

A few days later my friend’s dad gets a visit by this lady friend and her father, they want to press charges against him because they had underage sex (both were underage). Luckily, his dad was able to convince him not too and said they agreed that he would never speak to his daughter again if they didn’t press charges.

Periods are a messy business, literally, but do not be ashamed or make a woman feel ashamed if she gets her period, sometimes they just drop on a dime and we have no control over it. Just grab a towel and continue on with your business, or don’t, if you’re squeamish at the sight of blood.

Moral of the story: Period sex can be great, but not all murder scenes should end in jail time.