Ok here it goes, my first EVER sex toy review. I recently wrote about my “fear” of sex toys growing up, but this year I am going to start my sex toy collection and I am thrilled to see what the industry has to offer (plus who wouldn’t be excited about mind-blowing orgasms?)

“Wow.. that REALLY IS good”

As you can tell by the title I received the Yummy Sunshine Vibrator from the lovely Isabelle Lauren, She received some vibrators from Satisfyer Vibes to review and was giving new bloggers a chance to review them. Having spent weeks trying to decide on what vibrators to get first I thought this would be a great opportunity! I sent her the money for post and she chose two vibrators to send me. Thank you again Isabelle, for being extremely sweet and giving us new sex bloggers a chance to review these new products! Go check out her blog if you haven’t already, she is an exceptional writer and reviewed some of their other vibrators!

Let’s get right into it… THE YUMMY SUNSHINE VIBRATOR! Wooaah.. was honestly my first reaction. I am used to small bullet vibs so this lovely 9-inch piece of art shocked me. When I first unpackaged it, I was thrilled with the soft matte surface, Satisfyer described it as a satin finish and I can fully attest to that. I am the type of girl who walks around the stores touching materials so I REALLY appreciated this. There is however a strong plastic manufacture aroma, I tried washing them but it still hasn’t gone away. It isn’t overbearing but I did notice that my hands smelled like this after using it, I am assuming it will fade over time. (I will keep you posted!)

Just catching some sun !

The vibrations of this toy are incredible, they’re without a doubt powerful. This does tend to make Yummy Sunshine a bit on the louder side but it does get muffled under some blankets. It comes with 12 vibration programs that range from different speeds and rhythms. I am a constant speed type of gal so I really only tried these out, the handle makes it super easy to speed up or slow down as you are using it due to the 3 buttons.

(This makes it easy to use when in the dark)

The girth of the toy was something I was a little concerned of due to my tight lady bits, I have had problems in the past with partners being too thick and was concerned this would be a reoccurring problem. Yummy Sunshine was borderline too big but I was able to make it work and had my first ever orgasm from a toy with only penetration (I typically get off with clitoral stimulation). I found it more enjoyable to actually not insert it but instead rest it on my clit with the head of the toy on the entrance of my vagina and it is great so clitoral stimulation (Must try, would recommend!). This is all possible due to the design of Yummy Sunshine, it has a ridge just in front of the controls that rolls up and cups the clitoris perfectly for myself.

I have now used it for a total of 5 times solo and one with my partner. Using it solo on my clit lead me to body shaking orgasms within mere minutes. Hearing my partner ask for it was hot, it was our first time using a toy together and it was easy for him to hold onto and place it on my clit just like I wanted. It added a hot new element to our sex life and also led me to a deeper orgasm later.

Just a wild Yummy Sunshine in its natural habitat!

Being new to the sex toy realm it would be silly for me to say that this is my go-to sex toy but honestly it is! The toy just seems to be a bit of everything that I want, a cute colour, soft material and can be used in many different scenarios. I would say that Yummy Sunshine is a great overall toy that beginners would love. It allows you to experiment with new things without being overwhelmed on how to use it. Plus it comes with a USB charger, no more batteries!

Overall I would give this toy an 8/10. Yummy Sunshine is very flexible and will move with your body despite its size, being able to bend it really gives it some versatility of how and where you use it. After using it multiple times and even with my partner I would recommend the Yummy Sunshine to anyone who is a fan of powerful vibrations (finger tingling) and top-notch design.

Moral of the Story: Just because a toy is designed for deep penetration doesn’t mean you can’t use it other ways!