Well, this might come as a shock to a few people. Who would be scared of sex toys? It’s not like Alien where it will make your insides your outsides.

As a little girl, I remember Googling sex articles, reading all about the different sex positions and tips to satisfying your partner (I was a huge nerd when it came to sex, even in my youth!). I vividly remember coming across this article that talked about how vibrators and other sex toys would stop you from being to able orgasm on your own. In other words, traditional sex would not cut it anymore and you would end up relying on sex toys to get off every single time. This TERRIFIED me, being young and quite impressionable I totally fell for it.

“It will do WHAT to my vagina?!”

Now that I have embarked on the journey of my sexuality I am excited to finally bring that terror to an end. I have spent many weeks researching this topic and this is what I have come up with.

Yes, Vibrators may desensitize your genitals/surrounding areas

It is extremely likely that any vibrator will decrease the sensitivity of certain areas on your body, BUT this is only temporary. The sensitivity is likely to return in an hour or two, meaning that your skin and nerves may be a bit numb but it will return to normal. I don’t see this as a downside at all because after I orgasm (vibrator or not) my clit is extremely sensitive and I tend to give it a bit of a break and move on to something else. I am more than willing to give up a little numbing for a great orgasm with a toy.

Any sex habit can make it harder to orgasm over time

I have found that when I masturbate the same way multiple times, like a daily routine, I have a harder time orgasming and it often takes me longer. When I introduced a vibrator into the picture it allowed me to experience more powerful orgasms that would change up my typical routine. Now, with anything, there is the likelihood that routinely masturbating the same way over and over again will make it more difficult for you to orgasm. The best way to fix that, SWITCH THINGS UP! I love taking a bit of extra time for myself and doing something different, not every time has to be new and exciting but switch it up every once and a while, be crazy!

“I’ll take my usual mac n cheese, but this time can you add hot dogs?”

Many people didn’t see any long term “damages” to their orgasm

After asking the good people of Reddit, browsing Twitter and professional sex articles I found that VERY few people reported that they were having trouble orgasming due to the long use of vibrators or other sex toys. In the cases where they did notice some trouble, they took a break from the toys for a few days and the sensitivity and ability to orgasm on their own had returned.

So after my extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be afraid to use sex toys, my clit will survive! I found that easing myself into it really helped as well, I don’t want to always rely on vibrators and sex toys but I don’t want to limit my experiences either. I used to feel accomplished that I didn’t use sex toys to get myself off, now I’m proud to say that sometimes I do and that is awesome too. Do what makes you comfortable, play outside of the box and experience new things. Life is to short to do the same thing over and over unless that is what you are into!

Moral of the Story: USE THEM SEX TOYS!!